Massive data breach affects 4m US workers

on Thursday, 11th June 2015
Sources claim the largest theft of government data in history has hit the US
Chinese hackers are the chief suspects in a cyber-attack which has compromised the personal information of over 4 million US federal workers. Some are citing the attack as the largest theft of government data in history.. The US Department of Homeland Security has announced that its intrusion detection system, nicknamed Einstein, detected the attack and that an FBI investigation is underway. The attack targeted the…
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Windows 10 to be released earlier than expected

on Sunday, 31st May 2015
Microsoft have announced a release date for their next generation operating system.
Tablets and PCs running Windows 10 are set to go on sale on the 29th July 2015, according to an announcement made by Microsoft. The roll-out of updates for X-box consoles, smartphones and other gadgets is set to follow later. The announcement of the July release date has surprised many in the technology sector who were expecting the company to roll out the OS much…
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VPNs are still the dominant form of network access control

on Monday, 18th May 2015
Survey discovers the security threat presented by organisations' use of outmoded technology
91% of respondents to a recent survey, investigating how organisations are implementing network access control (NAC) policies and security solutions, say they are still using VPNs as their main form of network access control. This is despite the fact that VPN technology was created almost 20 years ago at the onset of the internet age. Many security professionals are concerned about the continued use of…
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Teaching Real IT in Schools

on Thursday, 14th May 2015
IT is more than just learning how to build a spreadsheet.
As the past decade or so has taught us, computer technology is here to stay and it isn't getting any less popular. With children of a young age being introduced to mobile devices, devices on which to learn and explore our new world, you would think that schools are rushing forward to teach these children all about Information Technology. While Information Technology is still taught…
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TMB set to exhibit at Kent’s leading B2B event

on Thursday, 30th April 2015
Our team will be at Kent 2020 Vision Live on 13th May 2015
Join the TMB team on Wednesday 13th May at Kent 2020 Vision LIVE for an event that promises to help optimise your marketing, improve your processes, extend your network and accelerate the growth of your business. Over 3,000 delegates are expected to attend at the Kent Event Centre in Detling. Now in its 10th year, Kent 2020 Vision LIVE combines inspirational keynotes on business innovation,…
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The Rise of Mobile Devices

on Friday, 17th April 2015
With the proliferation of devices, apps and services, we all need to be more security conscious
In the past few years, the world has seen a huge increase in the variety of mobile devices, offering an increasing number of platforms to keep us connected to the rest of society. With a number of different social networking websites, websites for sharing ideas, pictures, inspiration and more, there has also risen an increasing number of apps designed to help people stay connected using…
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Windows 10 launch set for the summer

on Monday, 23rd March 2015
Microsoft have still not confirmed an exact launch date for their new OS
Anticipation for Windows 10 has recently been stepped up a notch with the news directly from Microsoft that their new OS will become available in the summer of this year. Users running Windows 7 and 8.1 will be eligible for a free upgrade, whilst those using Microsoft Vista or earlier versions will have to pay to use the new platform. Eagerness to trial the new…
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Cybercrime is more local than you think

on Tuesday, 10th March 2015
Businesses in the UK need to be more realistic about the threat of cyber crime.
When we think of cyber crime we tend to think of hackers hidden away in a block of flats in Russia or some far flung corner of India, maybe South America or even a group of disaffected youths in the USA. Rarely do we consider the prospect of cyber crime originating from this country and if we do, most of us would imagine it was…
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DNS hijack used in hacking of Lenovo website

on Thursday, 26th February 2015
Lenovo website redirects to a slideshow of bored teenagers as a result of hack
Embarrassingly, for a company entrusted by millions to safeguard the personal data on their devices, Lenovo has found themselves the victim of a corporate hack. Yesterday afternoon a hacking collective known as the Lizard Squad managed to compromise the company's main website by redirecting visitors to a slideshow, apparently displaying images of the hacker's themselves. The group used a method known as DNS hijacking which…
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SMEs need to think about cyber security as much as the big boys!

on Monday, 16th February 2015
It's not just Sony who are subject to cyber attacks.
Everyday there are literally hundreds of thousands of online security attacks and virus variants being produced. This number might seem ridiculous but these online “baddies” are well funded, well organised and very successful. The shocking reality of this situation is that it is not just the likes of Sony that are subject to these peoples’ advances. It’s actually the small to medium businesses (SMEs) that…
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